Morocco Trek September 2000

Iain Boyd

admontage age&experience berbergirl breakfast caravan cooksatwork
If only all ads were like this. Door is of sheet tin before it becomes sardine cans Age & Experience - Peter (73) and Drew the main guide and Morocco's Mr Motivator. A Berber girl. There's not much in the way of electricity, roads, TV, cars or sweatshirts. Yet. Breakfast at dawn. We were asleep on this roof just a little earlier. When someone says 'caravan' and 'desert', what do you think of? Berber muleteers knocking up another healthy meal in the middle of nowhere
earlycloud gite_roof inline landrovers mohammed mules
Up the airy mountain. Around now you believe you're high up. Accomodation. You can sleep on the roof if it's warm. It wasn't. Another day's forced march for the group. At least no-one had a video camera or a guitar. Land Rovers from Marrakesh to the foothills. The incomparable Mohammed A dozen of these beauties hauled food, drink, the heavy bags and the odd sick party.
ounsekra paddling pisteguide toubkal1 toubkal2 toubkal3
Beautiful terraced market gardens with salads, apples and walnuts. Aaah. Even better than Boots soothing, cooling foot gelé. A sign I never thouight to see in Arabic. (Didn't have my skis anyway.) The scree slopes of Toubkal. Isn't this a Led Zeppelin cover? Hey guys, wait for me... The Sahara's just over that ridge. No the one behind that one.
toubkal_ibtop toubkal_top
Proof positive The very top. 4167m.