If you didn't get it, please download pdf of the announcement flyer, here.

What is Ashstock?

Ashstock was originally conceived as a three day event with a number of headlining rock acts, jongleurs and commedia dell‘arte troupes; a wide range of circus acts; mummers and morris-men; live animals; a festival of beers from around the world; live dangerous-sports displays; Hong Kong ‘wire-fu’ stunt professionals and a full size replica of the Alton Towers Submission ride.

Sadly most (all) of these were unavailable at short notice. However we are very lucky to have local rock gods ‘The Receders’ playing, live, on the main (only) stage at 8 pm on the Saturday.

And that's it, is it?

No, no, there'll be dancing, music and everything. Think of it as a party, with a 40 minute raucous interruption, in which slot you might want to go outside and think about taking up smoking again.

Is there any significance to this being on September 11th?

It’s 50% pure coincidence, and 50% shameless bandwagon-jumping to suggest this event has a greater significance than it in fact merits.

I notice it’s free?

Free to get in, yes. But if your ears are bleeding and you feel you must leave before the end of the mercifully short 12-song set, then you can make a voluntary contribution to the local charity for the deaf on your way out.

Can anyone turn up?

Well we’re hoping the drummer turns up for a start, ha-ha. In reality the policy is: the more the merrier, but ask yourself: is my friendship with these guys strong enough to survive anything? Or does it really not matter if we cross on opposite sides of the street for the foreseeable future? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either, then please come.

If you are a rock journalist from the NME or similar, you’re probably wasting your time.

Ditto if you’re a talent scout from a record label hoping to sign some hot new band.

What about children?

Some of our children just won't be kept away at any price - no matter that the experience may scar them for life as they relive the embarrassment in their worst nightmares. It was kinda meant to be an adult affair: just don’t bring anyone you’d be embarrassed to dance or sing along in front of.


Very tight, plus dog. If you're just an accidental visitor to this page clicking your way through the vagaries of some Google web fractal, and you can’t name one person in the Receders ‘posse’ then it’s no entry for you, my friend.

Okay, so where actually is it taking place?

It’s at Dean Cooper’s place, Ridley Farm, in the barn. Map reference here.

Sounds fabulous, is there anything I can do to contribute or help? Name it! Anything!

Dress up.
Come along.
Be charitable.
Put on make-up, dancing shoes etc. and have fun.
Bring whatever you want to drink plus 10% for the band!

Would you like to sing or play with us?

Is there some number you've always been desperate to perform? Just give us a call! We're always interested in guest singers or soloists.

What's the worst that could happen? We laugh at you, and you throw bottles at us. But hey - it could all work out fine!

And who are the Receders?

On guitar and vocals: Dean Cooper
On bass and vocals: Iain Boyd
On drums and not singing at his own request: Phil Hamilton
Lead guitar, if back from LA: Jon van Leer
Lead guitar if we can persuade him: Graham - are you out there?
PA, smoke machine and lights: Andy Eakins
Band styling: Kathy Allford

And have you been practising?

A little more than you'd think; a little less than we need.